Future of Anon

Our plan to provide consumers with privacy on all online purchases.

We have a few goals that we are trying to reach by January 1st 2021, that being said, it is important to recognize how difficult these goals will be to accomplish. That is why we need your support to make the future of Anon possible. We plan to create a universal account that will integrate with every eCommerce business in the world. Now it is important to recognize that most eCommerce companies will not be excited about giving up their right to your data, considering it is used in almost all marketing efforts. We believe that if we can build a strong platform with simple integration, we can change the future of online purchases and data privacy. Now, this task will not be cheap because of the high level of security and logic necessary to function effectively without putting your data at risk.

We plan to use the revenue generated from AnonMarket to fund this large and overdue project. Essentially, you will create a single account on the platform with an attached payment method. When you visit an online store, the integration will automatically detect if you are logged in, and you will not need to create a new account on each individual store. (ex. nike.com or walmart.com) This is important because you will be able to limit what personal information that you want to share with these companies. By Default, your username will be the only information the company receives. There will also need to be a shipping fulfillment system for physical products and many more complex software systems. As a group of developers, we are ready to make privacy the new norm, even on the internet.

Completed Goals

Finish core development

Grow the community to 100 sellers

Goals in Progress

Grow the community to 1,000 sellers

Grow the community to 10,000 sellers

Extend Marketplace to Music, Videos, Images, and more!

Grow the community to 100,000 sellers

Build the Anon platform

Blank Statements

Every transaction made by the AnonMarket will show up in your bank account as a payment made to "AM".

Member Owned

As a member owned digital organization, we have few financial motivations and cannot be influenced by big corporations.

Limited Data Collection

We only collect the bare bones info from your account which is required, by law, to protect against credit card fraud.

Engineered Protection

Triple Layer Security with multiple physical and digital security systems operating for
24 hours per day 365 days per year.

Safe Downloads

Our systems automatically scan and filter all downloadable products for viruses and malicious code (via VirusTotal).

Member Benefits

Members gain access to exclusive benefits & a 15% discount on all items sold on the marketplace, plus MyShare.