Member Discount

Providing members with nothing but the best discounts & special offers!

We are passionate about all of the opportunities that we are able to provide members with including the 15% member discount, that can be used on all products sold on AnonMarket! This is a very big deal for us and we hope it makes your AnonMarket experience just a little bit better. We are always happy to give back to the people that make AnonMarket possible!


Please Note: You can use your member discount with MyShare to get the biggest bang for your buck.

Active Membership

You must have an active membership in order to use the 15% member discount.

Human Verification
Human Verification

You must pass the human verification before the discount is applied to your cart.

Discount Reward

You may use your 15% member discount on anything sold on the AnonMarket.

Blank Statements

Every transaction made by the AnonMarket will show up in your bank account as a payment made to "AM".

Member Owned

As a member owned digital organization, we have few financial motivations and cannot be influenced by big corporations.

Limited Data Collection

We only collect the bare bones info from your account which is required, by law, to protect against credit card fraud.

Engineered Protection

Triple Layer Security with multiple physical and digital security systems operating for
24 hours per day 365 days per year.

Safe Downloads

Our systems automatically scan and filter all downloadable products for viruses and malicious code (via VirusTotal).

Member Benefits

Members gain access to exclusive benefits & a 15% discount on all items sold on the marketplace, plus MyShare.