Limited Data. Encrypted Servers. Protection for the everyday consumer.

AnonMarket is a member-based marketplace that creates a safe space for free market activity to take place without the exchange of customer data.  Our goal is to provide the world with an autonomous online marketplace that is unhampered by political or commercial agendas. We absolutely hate the amount of our personal data that large companies are collecting and selling everyday, so we decided to build an anonymous public marketplace that protects our data. We decided to build in a software scanning system that will scan software products for data threats and act accordingly.

After a lot of suggestions from our beta users, we decided to pack our membership full of benefits that most companies would not dare implement, because they would lose a lot of money. We try our best to give profits back to members anyway we can, such as our Universal Discounts, MyShare credit payouts, and Exclusive Member Library.

In a perfect world, you wouldn’t need to worry about your personal data being for sale. However, in the real world, big companies are always trying to increase profit margins and selling your personal data is just another revenue stream to them. Most companies force you to agree to this from the start, and most consumers don’t read the ‘terms and conditions’, until it is too late..

In order to minimize fraud we are required to collect basic information such as a first name, last name, address, and a phone number / email. This information will never be shared with sellers and is protected by our layered-security.


Please Note: You should never receive an email or text message from AnonMarket or anyone associated with the AnonMarket, unless it is a follow up from a question/inquiry. If you have received anything that appears to be from AnonMarket please report it to our member security team. (

Physical Security

Physical and environmental controls set in place to secure our infrastructure from physical threat or impact, staffed 24/7 with on-site physical security to protect against unauthorized entry.

Backend Security

Our systems are mainly protected through key-based authentication and role-based access which limits roles ensuring that only the users who require access to a system are able to login.

Frontend Security

A ssl certificate has been installed ensuring a secure connection between your device and our machines which is always active and forced by default.
(Lock in address bar a.k.a https)

Blank Statements

Every transaction made by the AnonMarket will show up in your bank account as a payment made to "AM".

Member Owned

As a member owned digital organization, we have few financial motivations and cannot be influenced by big corporations.

Limited Data Collection

We only collect the bare bones info from your account which is required, by law, to protect against credit card fraud.

Engineered Protection

Triple Layer Security with multiple physical and digital security systems operating for
24 hours per day 365 days per year.

Safe Downloads

Our systems automatically scan and filter all downloadable products for viruses and malicious code (via VirusTotal).

Member Benefits

Members gain access to exclusive benefits & a 15% discount on all items sold on the marketplace, plus MyShare.